1993 - 1995 The Early Days


The ABC Medicover healthcare model was totally new in Central Europe. Given the structure of the public healthcare system in Poland, the founders of Medicover recognized that they would have to establish both a separate healthcare infrastructure and a separate workforce.

This was a step into the unknown since ABC Medicover was going to charge a fee for services in advance, having no idea of the volume of services that would be needed.

The early days of company’s operations were a time of testing different ideas, solutions and processes. In-mid 1995, the first ABC Medicover clinic was opened at Wawelska 5 in Warsaw. The first corporate clients signed up in August of that year.


1996 - 1999 Treading the growth path


Once the Warsaw business became established, Medicover started an ambitious expansion across Poland.

Medicover also decided to commence activity in other Central European countries, and in so doing made its first investments into the diagnostic laboratories business.


2000 - 2010 Scaling-up


The growth of the Medicover Group was accompanied by changes in the organizational structure and a refocus on the values common to all the Group’s businesses. The years 2000-2010 were also a period of further business innovations.

In Poland and Romania, the Electronic Medical Records system was implemented. A state-of-the-art Hospital was opened in Warsaw. The laboratory business grew from being around 20% of Medicover’s turnover in 2003 to being almost equal in size with the healthcare business by 2009.


2011... "Its all about the people"


At the beginning of 2015, the Medicover Group is present in 14 countries (Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine). Medicover has more than 100 medical clinics, more than 82 labs, and more than 321 Blood Drawing Points.

Medicover has more than 600,000 members. Its laboratories perform over 94 million tests a year and 3,5 million visits are provided yearly by its medical clinics. Medicover has over 11,000 employees including more than 6,500 medical staff.

Medicover continues to grow and to develop, investing in innovative solutions and technologies with patients’ health needs and comfort in mind:


20th anniversary


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