20th Anniversary

My Medicover Story

More than 270 employees’ work-related recollections from Medicover and Synevo Divisions referring to the company’s values have been submitted to the Company’s 20th Anniversary “My Medicover Story’ Contest. Find out more about the Medicover Group as an employer reading 20 award-winning stories


20 Key Facts about Medicover

Have a look at 20 illustrations showing key Medicover Group milestones over the 20 years!


20th Anniversary Collage

A collage presenting key highlights from the 20-year history of the Medicover Group was designed by a French artist - Ms Anne Plaisance.


Recollections of Medicover Long-timers and Friends (digest)

What is special about Medicover? What makes the company a unique place to work?

Watch the video and listen to the recollections by Medicover long-time employees and friends.


A Collection of Recollections Long-timers and Friends

Funny stories, bloopers, important developments or iconic cases.

Watch over 30 short recollections by Medicover long-time employees and friends.


"Caring for you for 20 years"

Our values matter because every day we truly care...

We have been here for twenty years, seeking excellence and innovation to provide unbeatable service to our customers.

Watch the video and see what we stand for today and how we work together to get the most out of what we offer for the well-being of our customers.



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