The original team

The original idea for ABC Medicover came from Bengt Beckmann, a Swedish entrepreneur who had developed a healthcare service business in Kenya, named Africa Air Rescue (AAR). Bengt’s wife Maria was Polish, and when her parents became ill he accompanied her to Poland and saw for himself the low quality of healthcare services available. That was the motivation for his decision to launch a healthcare business in Poland.

Bengt approached a family friend, Jonas af Jochnick, founder of cosmetics company Oriflame, and invited him to invest in the new Polish business which he called ABC Medicover. Jonas brought with him Fredrik Rågmark who worked as a Managing Director for ORESA Ventures. Fredrik and his colleague Erik Hallgren (Investment Manager at ORESA Ventures) assessed the ABC Medicover investment opportunity and recommended becoming part of the project. At this stage, ABC Medicover had still not started providing services. Soon, Ed Radkiewicz who „could sell to a cactus in the dessert” joined ABC Medicover to head up sales and marketing.

Other original investors in ABC Medicover was Taube-Hodson-Stonex Partners out of London, who still 20 years later remain the largest non-family shareholder.

Bengt Beckmann

Jonas af Jochnick

Fredrik Rågmark

Erik Hallgren

Ed Radkiewicz

Bogdan Komornicki and Piotr Sapieha were key people engaged in the opening of Medicover’s first clinic, in Warsaw in August 1995.

Bogdan Komornicki

Piotr Sapieha


Medical staff members were mainly part timers, also employed in the public sector. There were also small administration and sales teams based in a converted apartment at Hoża 50, mainly young Poles starting on their professional careers.

A number of the people recruited at that time are still working for Medicover Group:

  • Agnieszka Migdał
  • Andrzej Burnat
  • Andrzej Byszewski
  • Anita Strojecka
  • Bożena Jastrzębska
  • Bożena Walewska-Zielecka
  • Ewa Jagodzińska
  • Ireneusz Urbanke
  • Jacek Walewski
  • Krzysztof Żbikowski
  • Leszek Żółtowski
  • Maciej Fajkowski
  • Marek Janus
  • Marcin Łukasiewicz
  • Mirosław Świderski
  • Monika Zaczyńska - Sharp
  • Tomasz Barski
  • Tomasz Piotrowski

A positive atmosphere at work was very important for Bengt and he treated his team like a family. Long-time employees still remember social activities taking place that time.

Monika Sharp Zaczyńska - The Early Days
"Exceptional Bond with the Company"

Marcin Łukasiewicz
"Growing with the Company"

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