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Passion for quality

Bengt was passionate about quality client service and Quality became soon one of the core values of his new company.

He was convinced that each client should be treated as an individual and made to feel special. He was constantly encouraging team members to take initiative in order to serve clients better. Bengt recruited as one of the first salespeople a waitress who served him lunch in a restaurant because he was impressed by her client service.

Bengt also cared passionately about the environment in which Medicover’s clients were served. He would personally check the washrooms for cleanliness whenever he visited clinics.

While launching the first clinic, Bengt organized a seminar for doctors and nurses to familiarize them with company’s standards. Above all, he emphasized the importance of communication skills of the staff as well as the appropriate outfit (a suit or a two-piece dress instead of a white coat).



Unilever was one of ABC Medicover's first clients, and Ed Radkiewicz received a phone call at home on Saturday evening from the Unilever country Manager in Poland. He had a family member in southern Poland who needed immediate healthcare.

Since at this time ABC Medicover had no services outside Warsaw, Ed took the decision to rent a helicopter and fly the person back to Warsaw for medical treatment (despite this being clearly beyond the scope of services sold to Unilever).

This cost was the same as the entire marketing budget for the first year, and was strongly questioned by the finance department, but it was seen within Medicover as "our way of doing things". Unilever remains a Medicover client to this day.

Bożena Jastrzębska - Medicover Today
"Passion for Quality"

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"Passion for Quality"

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