Overseas expertise

As the Medicover business model was totally new in Central Europe, the Medicover investors decided to look for an International Strategic Partner with whose help the business could learn and grow.

After spending some 6 months visiting a large number of companies, they came across Community Health Plan (CHP) a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) based in Albany, NY State. CHP had been founded by Warren Paley some 25 years earlier. Warren was originally a farmer whose wife had had a serious medical condition. He was so unhappy with her treatment experience that he decided to spend the rest of his working life, developing a high quality and patient orientated healthcare system. This was the origin of CHP.


When Medicover first made contact with CHP, the latter had grown to a 400,000 member HMO, with some 30 health centers and a revenue of around USD 2 billion. It seemed like an ideal partner for Medicover, not only because of the similarities in its business model, but also because of its similar entrepreneurial roots.

CHP took a small minority equity share in Medicover, in exchange for its intellectual property contribution, and the support of its senior management: Julia Brandi (marketing); Nancy Stewart (business development); John Chard (medical) and John Olearczyk (IT Director) all gave important input and advice, as did Warren Paley himself. Warren Paley also introduced Charlie Hertz to Medicover who served as a Medical Director for a few years.

With the support of CHP Medicover soon became a pioneer of innovative marketing in Polish healthcare.

Warren Paley was also a contributor to the company rebranding. Thanks to his input, Medicover became the company’s official name and a new logo was introduced.

The first version was drafted on a piece of napkin, in the clouds, somewhere between the US and Poland. The original Medicover logo (Warren's version), had the word Medicover written across the top of the figure of the little man beneath it.  This was significant to Warren because to him it portrayed the company's emphasis on complete "coverage and caring" for the individual.  He felt strongly that corporate logos should truly represent what the company is all about, and particularly health care companies should be more "personal."  Since then, of course, the logo has evolved into a slightly different version, but it still more or less embodies what he had in mind. 

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