Entering the labs business

When Medicover made its clinic acquisitions in Romania in 1997, it also obtained a small laboratory operation, performing In Vitro diagnostics. As the Romanian government had opened up for private labs participation in publicly funded lab services, the lab business was growing.

Medicover management understood that the Laboratory business had very good growth prospects also in other CEE countries and had synergies with Medicover’s healthcare business (which itself is a major consumer for lab tests) but that the lab business was different and needed to be managed separately.

The final decision (taken in early 2000) was to retain and expand the laboratory business within the Medicover Group but to keep it as a separate area of activity. It was also decided that the laboratory business should operate under a different brand name – Synevo.

Would you like to know what ideas are expressed by Synevo logo? See the video on Youtube:

Life / Water

Energy / Light

Evolution / Effect

Equilibrium / Reaction

Performance / Result

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