Culture and Values

In 2002, Fredrik Rågmark had set out 10 "operating principles" which described the way he believed the Medicover businesses should be managed. They were as follows:

Medicover is...

  1. An innovative, growth orientated Company in private healthcare in Central and Eastern Europe.
  2. A Company always striving to be number one in our industry in each market where we operate.
  3. A Company never becoming complacent and regarding competition as a constant force to further improve and develop.
  4. A Company founded on decentralized responsibility and accountability.
  5. A Company built on entrepreneurial spirit, cost consciousness and a Can-Do attitude.
  6. A Company recognizing and rewarding talent, providing good training and career development.
  7. A Company always seeking excellence in customer service and care.
  8. A Company with healthy profitability to ensure long term financial stability.
  9. A Company where all employees are proud to work and feel their contribution matters.
  10. A Company recognized for being part of the local community and taking a social responsibility.

As the Medicover Group grew and became more diverse the leadership agreed to summarize the operating principles into a memorable and focused set of values that would be meaningful and relevant for all the businesses Medicover was in and which Medicover might enter. This resulted in the five key Medicover Values launched in 2006.

We continually seek excellence in all we do.
We give our people the space and the support they need
to make the right decisions for all our stakeholders.
We recognize and reward those people who invest time and money wisely
to obtain the maximum benefit.
We are direct and honest, and always fulfil our commitments.
We pool our talents and share the credit for our successes.

Bożena Jastrzębska - Medicover Today
"Values Not Just for the Office Wall Plaque"

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