Damiana Medical Center

In 2009, Damian Medical Center, a private health care company operating in Poland since 1994, joined the Medicover Group.

Currently (2015), CMD has 6 clinics and one hospital. Damian facilities offer a wide range of specialist consultations, inpatient procedures and advanced diagnostics. The modern Damian Rehabilitation Centre ensures post-traumatic, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation as well as procedures aimed at improving body posture. The Damian Medical Centre serves mainly fee-for-service and insurance clients and has one of the best known and most respected brands in the Warsaw healthcare market.

In 2010, Damiana Hospital was placed on the World Health Organisation (WHO) map, which shows the locations of hospitals participating in the programme to implement the Surgical Safety Checklist*. In 2011, CMD signed partnership with UNICEF**. CMD has also obtained ISO 9001: 2008 certificate for quality medical services management and diagnostic services.

*The checklist identifies three phases of an operation, each corresponding to a specific period in the normal flow of work . In each phase, a checklist coordinator must confirm that the surgery team has completed the listed tasks before it proceeds with the operation.

**Since 2010, CMD and UNICEF cooperate together to raise funds that go to the most needy children. „2 pln for child’s health” is one of the actions. More information about the partnership

More information about the CMD on: www.damian.pl

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