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At first when Medicover needed to provide hospital services to patients, it was managed through contracts with the third party hospital providers. A limitation was the difficulty to cooperate with public hospitals to ensure that Medicover patients received the quality of care and comfort of service they were expecting. For these reasons, Medicover decided it must have control over high quality hospital capacity, starting in its original Warsaw market.

A site was selected in Wilanów, Southern Warsaw, and at the end of 2006, construction of the Medicover Wilanow Hospital started. It opened in the Summer of 2009. This was the first new hospital built in Warsaw for 35 years.

Currently (2015), Medicover is the only private medical company in Poland to have its own, multi-profile hospital and provide healthcare that meets the highest world standards.

The Medicover Hospital in Warsaw is recognised for:

  • offering a comprehensive range of highly specialized inpatient services: from cardiology and internal medicine through surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, laryngology and urology to gynecology, obstetrics and neonatology
  • „ensuring full safety in sudden and difficult medical cases through Intensive Care Units for both adults and neotnates.

The holds an accreditation of the Healthcare Monitoring Centre, the central unit of the Ministry of Health.

Moreover, it has been recognized as the "Best International Hospital in Poland" by the International Health Commission (IHC).


Medicover Hospital in numbers:


  • 180 hospital beds, including VIP suites
  • Over 300,000 patients served
  • Over 2,000 babies born

More information about the Hospital on: http://www.medicover.pl/hospital

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