Integrated health insurance-provider model

Medicover has always been an integrated healthcare provider, which has several advantages over standalone insurers or standalone providers of care:

  • Medicover raises funds for healthcare
    • Brings more credibility to customers than a standalone insurer because Medicover also provides care
    • Provides a better understanding of the costs of care provision and enables more accurate pricing
  • Medicover manages access to care
    • Gives better ability to control the appropriateness and quality of care
    • Ensures better customer service
  • Medicover provides care
    • Means predictable revenues which enables long term investment planning
    • Ability to coordinate care provision across multiple facilities

The integrated model had been used for the benefit of corporate clients but Medicover also wanted to be able to use it for the benefit of individuals, including those wanting cover for hospital services. This resulted in a requirement to be able to set the price of some products according to the health risk of the customer. Because of this Medicover obtained an insurance licence and also began to offer its services to customers structured as health insurance.

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