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The first years of the new millennium were a critical stage for Medicover – as it was the period during which the vision for information systems was formulated and Medicover began the development of its proprietary information system known as CIS (Corporate Information System).

The design of the CIS reflected a number of critical needs which were quite unique to our markets:

  • Medicover was a multinational and its information systems needed to support various CEE languages
  • Medicover was both a healthcare funding organisation and a medical services provider. We needed a system that would support both of these very different businesses individually, whilst allowing the two systems to “talk to each other” to ensure that customers received medical care consistent with their benefit plan. This could only be achieved effectively by building a fully integrated system
  • Medicover needed to establish a single database in each country so that no matter to which clinic our clients chose to go, their patient information and medical records would be immediately available.
  • Medicover was growing fast, and our business was increasingly complex, but we were a young company and needed an affordable solution which could start small and grow with us
  • Medicover needed a system that would support emerging technologies – including those we are used to today, but were not a reality when we formed our vision - such as web consultations, and online access to electronic medical records


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)


Transforming its vision into reality, Medicover became the first corporate group in Poland to implement an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)* system and between 2004-2007 completed rollout of the full EMR across Poland, Romania, Hungary and Estonia.

Today our systems continue to match the most advanced healthcare information systems in the world, and we now process more than 4.3 million appointment booking transactions per year while storing a history of nearly 45 million electronic medical consultation records.


Synevo Laboratories


Even before the CIS was created, our colleagues in the laboratories had started the development of our proprietary laboratory information system known as Silab which is today deployed in 33 laboratories across 7 countries.


* An EMR is a systematic collection of electronic health information about an individual patient, capable of being shared electronically across different healthcare locations and settings.

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