Developing Group structures and roles

Key Group roles


As the business was rapidly growing, Fredrik Rågmark wanted to strengthen the Group with additional functional expertise and decided that this would be best done at the international level (Group Functions supporting all the national businesses). Until then, the different Business Units had operated largely independently, and the only Group Functions supporting Fredrik were Finance and Legal. The first role to be filled was that of Chief Information Officer (CIO), responsible for information technology. In 2001, Anthony Cameron joined Medicover. Shortly thereafter, Richard Sands joined Medicover as Group Strategy Director and Catherine Crevesy took the position of Group HR Director.

To achieve synergies between related businesses, and to ensure that all businesses could receive the necessary senior management time, Fredrik created the Divisional structure. Philippe Ballero became Synevo COO and in 2010, John Stubbington joined Medicover as Medicover Division COO.

  • Joe Ryan

  • British
  • In Medicover since 1996
  • CFO
  • Anthony Cameron

  • British
  • In Medicover since 2001
  • CIO
  • Alexandra Veithen

  • Belgian
  • In Medicover since 2003
  • Group Financial Controller
  • Richard Sands

  • British
  • In Medicover since 2004
  • Group Strategy Director
  • Catherine Crevesy

  • French
  • In Medicover since 2007
  • Group HR Director
  • Jenny Brandt

  • Swedish
  • In Medicover since 2010
  • General Legal Counsel
  • John Stubbington

  • British
  • In Medicover since 2010
  • Medicover Division COO
  • Philippe Ballero

  • French
  • In Medicover since 2006
  • Synevo COO

Laboratory diagnostics differs from Medicover’s healthcare clinics business in many ways. For example most services are provided remotely from the patients concerned, and the direct customers are usually doctors, not the patients themselves.

Recognising these differences, the decision was taken to create a Divisional structure with a Medicover Healthcare Division and a Synevo Laboratories Division, each headed by a Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Since the Divisional structure was created, both divisions have expanded into new countries and new lines of business:

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