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Medicover Group has an increasing number of businesses, and each of those businesses needs more medical staff as it grows. There is a shortage of medical staff in many regions and specialties, so Medicover has begun cooperating with partners such as Universities and Hospitals to increase the supply of medical staff.

AWF-Medicover Nursing Studies in Poland
Medicover is the first private medical company to establish a partnership with a public university in order to organize full-time studies in professional healthcare. In 2011, the first edition of AWF*-Medicover Nursing Studies was launched. (*AWF - Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw) .
The studies meet the highest European standards in the range of nursing education. Classes take place at AWF, in the Medicover Wilanów Hospital and Medicover clinics. The Medicover partnership with AWF is the response to the crucial social problem, which is a shortage of nursing staff on the labour market and insufficient practical preparation of graduates.

In 2014, the first graduates finished AWF-Medicover Nursing Studies.







Have a look at the film about AWF-Medicover Nursing studies:

Medicover Romania partnership with Carol Davila

Medicover Romania is the only private healthcare company having a partnership with Carol Davila - the biggest nursing vocational school in Romania (2014).

Thanks to the partnership, Medicover has pupils for internships in clinics and the hospital. Medicover and Carol Davila have attended CSR initiatives together; Medicover receives foreign experience exchange students (from Spain, Norway, and Denmark) and a workshop for future nurses is to be organised. None of Medicover’s competitors have done this.

Synevo Ukraine Nursing School

In order to assure the highest quality of services, Synevo Ukraine has launched an internal Nursing School.

The program covers:

  • Customer Service
  • Practical Nursing
  • Sanitary Regime
  • Lab systems and cash management c
  • Bio-Material Storage and Transportation
  • Emergency Care

Annually, 420 nurses graduate from the school.


Partnership with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award

Medicover Group is a strategic partner of Queen Silvia Nursing Award - the prize granted by Swedish Queen Silvia to those dealing with the elderly care.

In the framework of the partnership, in 2015, the first scholarship nursing student from Sweden – Hanna Davidsson, spend time in Wilanów Hospital.
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