Investing for growth

Medicover continues to invest in strengthening its current businesses and in developing new businesses to offer a wider range of healthcare services to its customers.


Medicover Hospital in Bucharest

Medicover Hospital in Bucharest

The Medicover Hospital in Romania was built in 2011 and opened at the start of 2012. It is an interdisciplinary inpatient facility fitted with the most advanced medical equipment. It occupies an area of 7,000 m2 and has 122 beds. The hospital contains 3 operating rooms and 2 delivery rooms, as well as pre/post-operative rooms. It has specialists in the fields of Surgery, Oncology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Maternity and Neonatal Departments as well as other medical specialties.


Patient satisfaction with the services of the Bucharest hospital exceeds 99%.


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InviMed specialises in the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of infertility. It has been part of the Medicover Group since 2012. Currently (2015), InviMed services are available in 5 clinics located in the largest Polish cities.

InviMed provides a full range of treatments to enable couples with fertility disorders to celebrate the joy of parenthood. The clinics offer both assisted reproductive techniques (ART.) and other advanced male and female infertility options.

Every year, InviMed performs over 3,500 IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization ) cycles. So far, InviMed contributed to the birth of over 7,000 babies.


InviMed clinics use the latest medical equipment and techniques. The reliability of the test results from the laboratory InviMed is continuously checked and certified by ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology

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Medical Center Intersono  became  а  part of large hearty family the Medicover Group in 2013.

We satisfy the needs of the most patients, supplying the highest quality medical services in the treatment of infertility.   We are the leader in infertility treatment clinics in the western region of Ukraine.

Our mission is give perfect quality medical services every woman appealed to us. 

During 14 years with our help  and modern reproductive technologies over 2800 children were born, thousands of couples were treated for infertility,  because we guarantee 80% of successful pregnancies on the third attempt.

More than 20 thousand of people visit  our clinic for 1 year.

Our experts - physicians, fertility specialist are members of professional membership: ESHRE (European Association of Human Reproduction and Embryology), ASRM (American Association of Reproductive Medicine) UARM (Ukrainian Association of Human Reproduction), Ukrainian Union of embryology.

We grow every day and this year have opened second medical center in Uzhgorod, Ukraine. 

Our clinic in Uzhgorod provide treatment at the highest level thanks to unique technologies and powerful embryology.

International quality certificate ISO: 9001
Intersono- absolute quality of women's health


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Reproductive Healthcare Group


Our most recent investment in the IVF business is the Reproductive Healthcare Group, located near Manchester in the north west of England. RHG is an integrated fertility and women’s health hospital, one of the first in the UK. At RHG, all patients are taken care of throughout the whole process: from diagnosis to treatment, including any outpatient gynaecological procedures, all performed at the same facility.


In RHG each case is individually diagnosed and a tailored treatment is recommended. RHG provides all the latest fertility treatment procedures and general gynaecology including advanced in vitro fertilization techniques, egg donation and genetic testing. At RHG, as at all the Medicover fertility units, patients are treated with a holistic approach and the fertility treatment is supported with psychological and nutritional advice.

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Care Experts

Care Experts specializes in effective and coordinated care for the elderly and dependent people. The company offers flexible care plans with a comprehensive scope of service to address the complex needs of the patients and provide them with continuity of care.

In Warsaw, Care Experts provides outpatient, home care and day care services, and is establishing a residential care home. The care home will host 96 residents offering specialized care, comfortable accommodation and a wide range of activity options to make stay enjoyable. The home will be prepared to accept patients of various levels of dependency, including severe dementia for which dedicated care ward is planned.
Care Experts has launched home care in 6 cities.

97% of Care Experts clients would recommend Care Experts services to their families and friends


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Medicover Pharmacies

With the comfort of its patients in mind, Medicover is developing a network of Medicover Pharmacies which are located in or near to Medicover clinics in order to enable patients to receive prescriptions immediately after leaving the doctor’s office. Medicover is the first in Poland to implement this approach.

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The development of ambulatory clinics is an important part of Medicover’s investment strategy. In Poland, Medicover is developing a network of ambulatory facilities under a new brand – MediPartner. MediPartner clinics serve Fee For Service patients and the patients of other health insurers as well as Medicover’s own members. Currently, there are four MediPartner clinics in Warsaw and the plan is to have 11MediPartner clinics in Poland by the end of 2015.

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In February 2015, Medicover acquired 100% shares of Allenort Kardiologia, company focused on providing highly advanced cardiac surgery and invasive cardiology hospital procedures. Thanks to the acquisition, Medicover considerably extended the range of its medical services, and increased the competence of the Medicover Hospital, which has been progressively widening its scope of specialist medical services since its establishment in 2009, offering patients guaranteed access to advanced and comprehensive solutions in cardiac surgery and invasive cardiology.


Synevo operates a network of over 82 laboratories which perform 94 million tests for 12 million patients. The company is present in 11 countries including Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey and Georgia.

Synevo’s largest laboratory, located in Berlin, performs a very large range of assays (over 3,000 routine and advanced tests).

Synevo also operates a network of 321 high quality and standardized Blood Drawing Points to collect samples (blood, urine or tissue) directly from patients to its laboratories.

Synevo’s services are available to hospitals, public and private medical facilities as well to doctors and patients. Synevo also provides laboratory services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies through the largest harmonized network of laboratories in Central and Eastern Europe.

Synevo stands for innovation and top quality standards. It has the highest laboratory accreditations:

  • ISO 15189
  • ISO 17125
  • Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP)

Synevo also routinely participates in several international quality control programmes and is actively involved in extensive physician education programmes across the countries where it operates.


IMD lab in Berlin


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