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The Jonas and Christina af Jochnick Foundation


From the very beginning, Medicover’s owners have been investing in businesses to grow and hold, and not to sell. They wanted Medicover to be a company with a purpose. These aims came together in 2011, when the majority of the shares of Medicover were contributed to a charitable trust established by the owner of Medicover – The Jonas and Christina af Jochnick Foundation.


What does this mean for the employees and the future of the Group?

  • Long-term stability, continuity of strategy and shareholder support.
  • The sense of security for Medicover employees, clients and partners resulting from the certainty that the company will not change direction suddenly.
  • Certainty for people who want to come and work for Medicover.
  • Donations and support to good causes aimed at improving our society.
  • The more successful we are as a business, the more value we create, and the more value we will be able to give back to the societies and communities within which we operate.

The charitable aims of the The Jonas and Christina af Jochnick Foundation are consistent with Medicover’s long held belief that as a private healthcare organization Medicover should contribute to the well-being of the local communities in which it operates.


The Medicover Foundation


Early in its development Medicover established the Medicover Foundation to enable the resources and skills of the Medicover Group and people to have impact and value of our charity projects, and to generate measurable positive changes in the community. The activity of Medicover Foundation concentrates on three areas where we can achieve the greatest impact:

  • Health education and promotion of preventive healthcare
  • Involvement in the local healthcare projects for children
  • Initiatives which help employees get involved in voluntary work

The Foundation’s most ambitious project is Nationwide Program for Diabetes and Prevention of Diseases of Affluence „PoZdro”, the funds for which were contributed by the Jonas and Christina af Jochnick Foundation. PoZdro’s main aim is to improve the state of health of teenagers from specific Polish cities by reducing the risk of diabetes and diseases of affluence and to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle

The program will run 6 years, during which more 30,000 students will be given access to health coaching and, if needed, specific support to help them adopt a more healthy lifestyle.

At the beginning of 2015, the Medicover Foundation was awarded the prize
"Leader of the Year in the Health care 2014 – Charity" i.a. for its "PoZdro" program.

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