Preliminary results of the "PoZdro!" Programme

“PoZdro!”, the innovative six-year diabetes prevention program, addresses the growing problem of diabetes type 2. It is targeted at junior high school students, their families, schools and local authorities. The programme’s key element focuses on working one-on-one with those in the risk group at home and at school - places where teenagers spend most of their time. When both parents and teachers start to speak with one voice, it is possible to create a supportive environment that encourages a healthy lifestyle, physical activity and maintaining a balanced diet.


Children with detected risk factors are covered by two years of free care by the Medicover Specialist Care Teams. The programme consists of eight meetings and each of them includes consultations with four specialists: a physician, a dietician, a physical activity expert, and a psychologist.

A Scientific Advisory Board has been appointed to oversee the programme to assure it meets the highest standards.

The data collected at the outset of the “PoZdro!” programme clearly defined the need: 22% of the examined junior high school students are chronically overweight or suffer from obesity, 68% of them have incorrect body posture, and 65% have insufficient or very poor physical condition and fitness levels. There are no better ambassadors or representatives of our actions than the teenagers and their families who took advantage of the support of the “PoZdro!” programme specialists.



The Programme will cover:

  • 30 000 junior high school students – primary school
  • 1 500 children – specialist care
  • at least3 000 participants – Educational Workshops
  • 4 cities in Poland
  • 6 years


Main objective of the Programme:

To reduce the risk of junior high school students developing diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.


Detailed objectives:

  • To identify children at risk and teach them how to avoid diabetes type 2 and other lifestyle-based diseases.
  • To teach parents and teachers how to help promote a healthy lifestyle inteenagers, and to encourage schools to support the programme.
  • To reduce the incidence of diabetes type 2 and obesity in these children.

The “PoZdro!” programme was created to provide vulnerable families with knowledge and support so critical to adopting a new lifestyle. I am encouraged to work harder when I see the changes that take place in those young people and their parents. Each of them finds a different motivation: some of them strive for health, others want to improve their self esteem, and others rely on the support of their family and friends. It is a great privilege and pleasure to be able to implement a programme that brings changes to the lives of these people and to work with specialists who are not only experts in their fields but are fully committed to performing their tasks. Said Kamila Szarejko - Project Manager, Medicover Foundation


Next editions of the "PoZdro!" Programme

With the beginning of the school year, the Medicover Foundation resumed “PoZdro!” and launched the second edition of the programme in Gdynia and rolled out the first in Warsaw. We are optimistic because “PoZdro!” is reaching more and more children and is helping an increasing number of people. Having seen the results and the changes taking place in these young people and their families, the af Jochnick Family Foundation was encouraged to continue to support the programme. For that reason, on 8 October 2014, a press breakfast was held with representatives of the Medicover Foundation, the media and the local authorities: Piotr Guział, Mayor of Targówek, Artur Buczyński, Deputy Mayor of Wilanów, and Jarosław Karcz, Deputy Mayor of Praga Południe. The programme was praised by the representatives of the City Hall of the Capital City of Warsaw.

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