Long-term support

Long-term support

Support for pre-adoption intervention centres

Since 2013, employees and Medicover Group volunteers, in cooperation with its partner company Synevo laboratories, have become patrons of two centres for abandoned infants in Otwock, near Warsaw, and in Częstochowa

Centres in Otwock and Częstochowa

The Nursing Care Association “Trust” in Częstochowa and the Pre-Adoption Intervention Centre (PIC) in Otwock are facilities for children who require medical care and rehabilitation. These are often infants with foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and other medical complications. The Centres accept children abandoned by their parents or children of parents in emergency situations. The Centres ensure support from the children’s very first days of life, and Centre employees make every effort to find loving families for them.

Synevo- free screening tests for the children

In order to determine the health of children under the care of the Pre-Adoption Intervention Centre in Otwock, Synevo Laboratories perform comprehensive diagnostic examinations free-of-charge. The standard tests included in the examination are: urine analysis, blood analysis, HIV and toxoplasmosis, and additional tests can be ordered as needed. The annual cost of the tests performed by Synevo is over 30 000 PLN.

FAS training

In October and November 2014, workshops were conducted for specialists taking care of children with foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

The workshops, entitled “Little Children With FAS: Diagnosis, Development Stimulation, Medical Care”, were organised by the Otwock PreAdoption Intervention Centre, the Adoption Families Foundation and the Medicover Foundation. The workshops in October were dedicated to nurses and qualified child care providers, physicians and persons working with little children with FAS. The workshops in November, entitled “Forum for parents of FAScinating children”, were addressed to foster and adoptive parents.

Collaboration with the institute of mother and child

The Medicover Foundation has collaborated with the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw since 2014. As part of this effort, two volunteer events were organised: one by participants of the Talent Development Programme and one by the employees of Damian Medical Centre. Such activities make the atmosphere in the hospital more friendly and enjoyable and make the children staying there happier. The volunteers are convinced that these efforts, though small, were of great importance to those in the Institute.

International volunteers

On 10 October 2014, the participants of the Medicover Talent Development Programme painted jungle-related images on the walls and spent some time with the children at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw. Approximately 30 people from Ukraine, Romania, Moldova and Poland took part in the event, actively supporting the Paediatrics, Oncology and Neurology Clinics. At the end, all the event participants, volunteers, children and employees of the hospital, left their hand prints on the wall creating a tree – the symbol of the event.

Damian medical centre

On 28 November 2014, the employees of the Damian Medical Centre and volunteers of the Medicover Group organised an event for the benefit of the Institute of Mother and Child where participants painted space-themed images and helped children create Christmas decorations.


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