The content of “medMagazyn” is supervised by the Medicover Foundation Editorial Board. The Board members, who donate their time and services, comprise of people with many years’ experience, whose everyday work is connected with medicine from both the practical and theoretical perspective.











"medMagazyn" - areas of education:

  • Health
  • Preventive healthcare
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Early disease detection

“medMagazyn” allows our team of impassioned professionals to promote healthy attitudes through simply-explained articles on health education. The magazine not only ensures pleasant reading but presents well-prepared information clearly and attractively. The preparation of each issue, including the selection of subjects, and how each article ties into the whole issue, is a fun and rewarding experience - said Joanna Archacka-Stachura - Project Coordinator at the Medicover Foundation



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