Act for others

Act for others

Medicover staff initiatives

The Medicover Foundation encourages Medicover Group employees to come up with their own initiatives, and prepare and actively participate in implementing various projects within the “Act for Others” campaign. Here are some employee-initiated projects:

The white sunday

Aim: On 7 July 2014, in Jaroszewice near Wadowice, Medicover Group volunteers organised “The White Sunday”, an event which offered participants free examinations: mammography (80 women), densitometry 60 people), blood glucose, cholesterol level and Holter RR (129 people). In addition, 50 people provided samples for the bone marrow donor register, and 12 people donated blood. Many people participated in the first aid demonstration as well.

Beneficiaries: Members of the local community who underwent basic examinations at the event


Bone marrow donors day

Aim: On 14 and 21 April 2014, at the Valeo Medicover Centre in Skawina, the Medicover Foundation organised the Bone Marrow Donors Day. Medicover volunteers were supported by DKMS Poland Foundation – Database of Stem Cell Donors, which provided the necessary materials. As many as 122 people participated. The volunteers also organised smear test examinations for the employees of the Podgórska Medicover Centre in Kraków; 15 people participated.

Beneficiaries: Patients waiting for bone marrow transplants.


Support for the citizens of Ukraine

Aim: Since 2014, the Medicover Foundation has been supporting the citizens of Ukraine. It is a longterm activity, offering aid in the following areas:

  • donations of warm clothes, wound dressing materials, medications and food;
  • hospitalisation of volunteer citizens who are wounded on the front: thanks to the efforts of Synevo in Ukraine, people wounded in military action were offered specialist medical aid (e.g. surgery, orthopaedics) in the Medicover Hospital in Poland.
The campaign is actively supported by all employees of the Medicover Group.


Beneficiaries:Citizens of Ukraine wounded in the military conflict in the eastern part of the country.


Canonisation od John Paul II in Wadowice

Aim: On 27 April 2014, during the canonisation ceremony of Pope John Paul II in Wadowice, Medicover volunteers and employees of the Podgórska Medicover Centre in Kraków provided full medical coverage for the event. They established provisional medical offices in tents located on the market square. There were several interventions, mostly related to fainting, abdominal pains, and dizziness. A Medicover ambulance was on standby.

Beneficiaries: Participants of the event, including the residents of Wadowice and the pilgrims who came to the Polish pope’s hometown.

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