Sports projects

Sports projects

Bicycle tour from Zakopane to Hel - "Together against diabetes type 2"


In 2014, the Medicover Foundation organised the second bicycle tour from Zakopane to Hel – “Together Against Diabetes Type 2” as a part of its aim to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is the second time that the team of nine volunteers from the Medicover Group and Damian Medical Centre has covered the one-thousandkilometre distance from Zakopane to Hel to promote diabetes type 2 awareness.


Blue towns

In order to highlight diabetes type 2 prevention, Blue Towns were established along the route from Wadowice to Hel, where people could measure their blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels, and obtain dietetic and dermatological consultations. As many as 420 people were examined. (The international colour of the fi ght against diabetes type 2 is blue, hence the name Blue Towns.)

Medicover Runners


The Medicover Runners project was launched in May 2014 as a way to promote a healthier lifestyle for all company employees through running. Runners are provided with information on the impact of physical activity on health and quality of life as a way to encourage and maintain their participation.






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