Medicover is a healthcare company

that helps many thousands of people

in Central and Eastern Europe

to improve and sustain their health.

Medicover serves both - prepaid members and fee-for-service patients in its own modern, fully-equipped health centers, as well as through an extensive network of medical professionals.


More than half a milion
people rely on the
Medicover Group for
their healthcare needs.

We are present in the
following countries:
Belarus, Bulgaria,
Georgia, Germany,
Hungary, Moldova,
Poland, Romania,
Russia, Serbia,
Sweden, Turkey,
UK, Ukraine

The Medicover Group is known to its

customers under the following brands:

  • Medicover
  • Medicover Insurance
  • Synevo Laboratories
  • Damiana Medical Centre
  • Medicopharma pharmacies
  • Invimed European Centers of Motherhood
  • Care Experts
  • MediVision
  • IVF Intersono
  • Medi Partner
  • RHG
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