Executive Management


  • CEO
  • Born 1963
  • Employed at Medicover since 1996
  • Board member since 1997
  • Nationality: Swedish
Education Law Degree, Stockholm University and BA Economics, Stockholm School of Economics.
Professional experience Managing Director Oresa Ventures, Business Development Manager, Oriflame Eastern Europe
Other current assignements Several assignments within the Group

Shareholding in the company: 2,479,155 class B shares.


  • HR Director
  • Born 1966
  • Employed at Medicover since 2018
  • Nationality: Swedish
Education Bachelor and Master in Human Resources, University of Linkoping.

Head of Group Human Resources at Domestic, Executive VP HR at Sanitec, VP Talent & Leadership Development at TeliaSonera, VP Management & Organizational Development at SCA, Head of Human Resources DHL Sweden, Global Management Development Manager, DHL Brussels

Other current assignments Board member Aino Health since 2017 .

Shareholding in the company: 2,650 class B shares.


  • General Legal Counsel
  • Born 1974
  • Employed at Medicover since 2010
  • Nationality: Swedish
Education Master of Laws, Stockholm University and Master of Laws, Queen Mary & Westfield College, London.
Professional experience: Mannheimer Swartling Advokatbyrå and Stockholms tngsrät.
Other current assignments None

 Shareholding in the company: 8,500 class B shares.


  • COO, Diagnostic Services
  • Born 1968
  • Employed at Medicover since 2016
  • Nationality: German
Education Bachelor in Business Administration, Lorange Institute of Business in Zürich.
Professional experience

Member of the advisory committee in PositveID and Industry Advisor Healthcare Practce in Clairfeld Internatonal. Member of the Executve
Commitee and Head of Global Commercial Operatons at QIAGEN, VP Commercial Operatons, Emerging Regions at QIAGEN, GM Italy at QIAGEN, VP Latn America at QIAGEN, Regional Director Latn America
Novarts Vaccines & Diagnostcs, Director Global Marketng Pediatric Vaccines at Chiron

Other current assignments Several assignments within the Group. Chairman of the Supervisory Commitee of PathoQuest

 Shareholding in the company: 20,000 class B shares.


  • CIO
  • Born 1959
  • Employed at Medicover since 2001
  • Nationality: Irish
Education MSc. Healthcare Informatics, University of Southampton, U.K.
Previously Managing Director of UK based healthcare informatics consultancy company, National Health Service (UK)
Other current assignments Several assignments within the Group

Shareholding in the company: 418,595 B shares.


  • CFO
  • Born 1965
  • Employed at Medicover since 1996
  • Nationality: Irish
Education BSc. and BEng., University of Manchester. Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. ACT Associaton of Corporate Treasurer. Senior Executve Programme, London Business School
Professional experience UK. Chartered Accountant BDO Binder Hamlyn. Internal audit, Philip Morris Inc. Switzerland.
Other current assignments Several assignments within the Group.

Shareholding in the company: 859,570 class A shares and 300,000 class B shares (own holding and through company).


  • COO, Healthcare Services
  • Born 1968
  • Employed at Medicover since 2010
  • Nationality: British
Education Accelerated Development Programme, London Business School.
Professional experience 18 years at BUPA within several positons whereof 9 years working globally for Internatonal Arm
Other current assignments Several assignments within the Group

Shareholding in the company: 443,825 class A shares and 80,000 class B share.


  • CMO

  • Born 1951

  • Contracted as CMO since September 2017

  • Nationality: British

MBE, DUniv (B’ham), MBA, FRCS Ed 

Previously Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director, Bupa, Chair of UKTI’s Healthcare Business Group and Specialist Medical Advisor to Healthcare UK
Other current assignments Senior Independent Director at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. Chair of UK’s private healthcare information network and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of ‘iamYiam’

Shareholding in the company: –