The original idea for ABC Medicover came from Bengt Beckmann, a Swedish entrepreneur who had developed a healthcare service business in Kenya, named Africa Air Rescue (AAR). Bengt’s wife Maria was Polish, and when her parents became ill he accompanied her to Poland and saw for himself the low quality of healthcare services available. That was the motivation for his decision to launch a healthcare business in Poland.

The original team

Jonas af Jochnick, a founder of cosmetics company Oriflame invests in ABC Medicover. Jonas brings with him Fredrik Rågmark, current CEO Medicover Group.

The first clinic

The first clinic opens in Warsaw in August 1995.

A totally new concept

The ABC Medicover introduces a totally new healthcare model based on prepaid healthcare subscriptions offered to companies.

All under one roof

The ABC Medicover principle is “…all under one roof…” meaning access to medical specialists, laboratory and diagnostic facilities, multilingual medical staff, convenient locations and easy parking.

Passion for quality

Bengt Beckmann, passionate about quality and convinced that each client should be treated as an individual, recruits a waitress as one of the first salespeople as he is impressed by her client service.


ABC Medicover has no services outside Warsaw so it responds to an emergency in southern Poland, renting a helicopter to save Unilever Country Manager’s family member - the cost is equal to the entire marketing budget for the first year.
Unilever remains a Medicover client to this day.

Overseas expertise

As the Medicover business model is totally new in Central Europe, the Medicover investors find an International Strategic Partner - Community Health Plan (CHP) – to help grow the business.

CHP, founded by Warren Paley, has 25 years of experience. Warren, originally a farmer, whose wife has a serious medical condition is so unhappy with her treatment experience that he decides to spend the rest of his working life, developing a high quality and patient orientated healthcare system. This is the origin of CHP.

Innovative marketing

With the support of CHP Medicover soon became a pioneer of innovative marketing in Polish healthcare.

Medicover's new logo

Warren Paley was also a contributor to the company rebranding. Thanks to his input, Medicover became the company’s official name and a new logo was introduced.

The first version was drafted on a piece of napkin, in the clouds, somewhere between the US and Poland. The original Medicover logo (Warren's version), had the word Medicover written across the top of the figure of the little man beneath it. This was significant to Warren because to him it portrayed the company's emphasis on complete "coverage and caring" for the individual.

Once the Warsaw business became established, Medicover started an ambitious expansion across Poland.

Medicover also decided to commence activity in other Central European countries, and in so doing made its first investments into the diagnostic laboratories business.

National and international expansion

Medicover opens clinics in six further cities in Poland, gains its first national client and opens the first onsite clinic.
The company expands to other Central European countries: Romania, Hungary, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

Trial and error

Medicover Poland strives to learn from and meet its clients’ needs adapting the scope and place of services accordingly. The different “colours” of benefit plans are introduced.
The company establishes also the cooperation with state owned hospitals so that Medicover can also provide access to inpatient care.

Entering the lab business

When Medicover makes its clinic acquisitions in Romania in 1997, it also obtains a small laboratory operation, performing In Vitro diagnostics. The lab business is growing.

Stock exchange

Medicover becomes listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange to provide capital for further expansion.

The growth of the Medicover Group was accompanied by changes in the organizational structure and a refocus on the values common to all the Group’s businesses. The years 2000-2010 were also a period of further business innovations.

Developing Group structures

Medicover Group CEO creates the Divisional structure composed of Medicover Division (ambulatory and hospital services) and Synevo Division (laboratory network).

Information technology vision

Medicover becomes the first corporate group in Poland to implement an Electronic Medical Record (EMR)* system and between 2004-2007 completes rollout of the full EMR across Poland, Romania, Hungary and Estonia.

In 2005, the Medicover Online Patient Portal allowing online booking of appointments is launched.

Since 2007, medical results and advice are available online. Medicover Patients can also order prescriptions, Health, Fitness and Wellness Tools online.

Synevo accelerated growth strategy

Synevo enters the Ukrainian market and then acquires laboratory of IMD in Berlin and Frankfurt to capture the Advanced Diagnostics expertise.

The laboratory business grows from being around 20% of Medicover’s turnover in 2003 to almost equal in size with the healthcare business by 2009.

In 2010, the Central Lab in Bucharest opens, with 10 million tests capacity and a broad range of advanced diagnostics tests.

Integrated health insurance-provider model

Medicover obtains an insurance license to use the integrated model not only for the benefit of corporate clients but also individuals, including those wanting cover for hospital services.

Medicover Wilanów Hospital

In 2009, the state-of-the-art Medicover Wilanów Hospital opens to ensure the quality of care and comfort of services expected by Medicover Patients.

Damian Medical Center

In 2009, Damian Medical Center (CMD), a private health care company operating in Poland since 1994, joins the Medicover Group.
Currently, CMD has six medical centres and one hospital in Warsaw.

Again a private company

The majority of the shares of Medicover are donated to the newly established charitable trust : Jonas and Christina af Jochnick Foundation (JCaJ Foundation)

Medicover Values

In 2006, the five key Medicover Values are launched

Medicover continues to grow and develop, investing in innovative solutions and technologies with patients’ health needs and comfort in mind.

Medicover Foundation

Medicover Foundation is established to enable the resources and skills of the Medicover Group and people to have impact on the value of our charity projects, and to generate measurable positive changes in the community.
The Foundation’s most ambitious project is Nationawide Program for Diabetes and Prevention of Diseases of Affluence “PoZdro!”.

Investing for growth

Medicover continues to invest in strengthening its current businesses and developing new businesses to offer a wider range of healthcare services to its customers.

Developing Medical Staff

Medicover is the first private medical company to establish a partnership with a public university in order to organize full-time studies in professional healthcare. In 2011, the first edition of AWF*-Medicover Nursing Studies is launched. (*AWF - Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw).

Medicover Romania is the only private healthcare company having a partnership with Carol Davila - the biggest nursing vocational school in Romania (2014).

Medicover Group is also a strategic partner of Queen Silvia Nursing Award - the prize granted by Swedish Queen Silvia to those dealing with the elderly care.

Bitcoins in Medicover Wilanów Hospital

Medicover is the first hospital in Europe to accept Bitcoin for payments of hospitalization, treatments and executive health screening packages.


Evidence-Based Care (EBC) program launched in 2013 to ensure compliance with diagnostics and treatment standards in selected, common conditions and health problems.

Medical Quality Index (MQI) the tracking of hard data related to the correctness of medical procedures and effectiveness of treatments. Medicover‘s Medical Quality Index reports trends in 20 quality indicators against therapeutic benchmarks.

Physician Developed Care Paths to ensure that we follow Medical Best Practice and International Guidelines. Following Medicover’s guidelines antibiotics use in viral URTI in adults has fallen by 1/3.

Specific Solutions for common healthcare issues. For example, back pain is one of the most common conditions and justifies 1/3 of all sick leaves. In a Medicover pilot clinic, physicians gave suitable back pain sufferers information on the causes of back pain and the importance of an active lifestyle. The result was 100% satisfied patients; 99% believing that such therapy can solve their problem, and a 40%-60% reduction in the cost and volume of further treatment

Since 2013, web chat medical consultations are available for Medicover patients.

Deployment of the Diabetes Tools app in 2013.

Remote consultations extended from web chat to voice and video consultations.

Today, Medicover is a leading international healthcare and diagnostic services provider operating a large number of its own ambulatory clinics, hospitals, specialty-care facilities and laboratories and its largest markets are Poland and Germany. In 2016, Medicover had revenues of €0.5 billion and close to 15,000 employees.

23 May 2017 Medicover AB was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.