Areas of Opportunity

Medicover’s mission is to keep our customers as healthy as possible.

Medicover, as one of the leading international healthcare companies and the largest sector employers of medical professionals mainly in Central & Eastern Europe, continues to expand and offers interesting opportunities to highly qualified staff in the medical and general business functions.

Is your aim to make an impact and deliver real value, contributing something meaningful thanks to your work? Will you adopt our Caring for your health is all we do motto as your own?

Are you eager to move forward and grow with the company, striving on challenges, and eagerly adapting to the changing environment?

Do you want to make a difference, shape the future and deliver premium quality?

Are you located in any of the countries where Medicover or Synevo divisions operate or are you located abroad and wish to return to your native country?

If so, Medicover is the right choice for you.

Are you located in any of the countries where our healthcare or diagnostic services are offered (see the map), or are you located abroad and wish to return to your native country?

In Medicover, YOUR success is OUR success.

Whether you’re looking for a graduate opportunity, or seeking your next career move as an experienced professional, on the Areas of Opportunity page you'll be able to get familiar with a range of possibilities of becoming part of the Medicover.

Caring for our customers’ health is all we do and if you want to work for a company with the sense of purpose find out more about the key areas of opportunity:

Laboratories & Blood Drawing Points

Clinical laboratory professionals, among others, physicians, diagnostic specialists, medical technicians and scientists (biologists, chemists, pharmacologists) as well as nurses working in BDPs all take care for high quality of the lab results. The quality being in the forefront of all we do.
The physicians and diagnostic specialists collaborate with the colleagues in practices and hospitals supporting the diagnostic process in the treatment management of our patients. This well organized cooperation between clinical and laboratory services has been one of our key strengths in successful care of millions European patients over more than 20 years.

Clinics & Hospitals

Healthcare professionals whether physicians or nurses are vital to our organisation and our mission of caring for people’s health. We rely on the expertise and insight of doctors and other healthcare professionals to understand patient needs, and help us to keep improving our services and expand our offer in the way that will best address these needs.

Business support

Without support functions, we wouldn't be where we are today. Jobs like sales & marketing help drive business innovation and growth, make our services available to patients and consumers. They ensure the top quality embedded in our DNA and exemplified by our employees on a daily basis.
Our business relies on people with expertise in areas such as IT, HR, finance, procurement or legal. Thanks to their engagement we are able to offer our patients and consumers transparent and efficient services supported by top-notch technology solutions. Strongly driven by our identity and culture our HR teams take care of getting great people on board and assuring their development for their and company’s good.