Working at Medicover

At Medicover, having a diverse team of employees and an inclusive workplace is vital for innovation and business growth.

To sustain the business success, we strive to retain talent and highest quality of our services. ‘Passion for Quality’, being one of our corporate Values, is in the forefront of all what we do, and the ongoing development of our People is paramount to our organisation.

As a forward-looking healthcare company, we care about our employees, helping them stay safe, healthy and productive. Only then can we ENGAGE, EVOLVE, and EXCEL, and GROW TO DO MORE TOGETHER.

Inclusion & Diversity

At Medicover, having a diverse team of employees and an inclusive workplace is vital for innovation and business growth. We strive for excellence, to grow together to do more, creating value for our customers.

We are committed to fostering a globally diverse workforce and a companywide culture that encourages excellence, leadership, innovation and a balance between our personal and professional lives.

Our workforce continues to evolve as we strive to reflect the diversity of our patients, our physicians, our shareholders and the communities in which we function. We endorse diversity in the broadest sense - including age, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, appearance, physical abilities, social-economic background, political affiliation, sexual orientation, thinking styles and life history. Our culture of inclusion enables us to promote a work environment where all are free to fully contribute and reach their maximum potential. THEIR success is OUR success.

Developing our People

Talent at Medicover is defined as those people who have the right value set in line with our Medicover Values, with a track record of commitment and contribution to the organisation and the willingness & drive to develop their leadership competencies, with the mental agility to adapt to change. Following from that, the commitment of our CEO –

Fredrik Rågmark, Board of Directors and CEO Medicover
«We want to be, and shall be, an organization that makes a strong commitment to these people. If they commit to us, we will commit to them.»
Fredrik Rågmark, Board of Directors and CEO Medicover

We attract and retain the most talented people by investing in training, development, support, and learning opportunities that covers many areas – professional training in your daily activities, learning experiences from many sources & development opportunities throughout your career in our organisation.

There are learning and development opportunities on local and corporate level that are offered depending on your role/area of expertise, self-motivation and developmental potential.

As Passion for Quality is one of our corporate Values, the ongoing development of our Medical Professionals is paramount to our organisation. We commit to facilitating professional training into the daily activities of all our medical professionals.

We are proud to work in partnership with many outstanding institutes and facilities across all regions to offer the highest level of development to our staff. Amongst them are:

  • Roffey Park Institute, UK - Leadership Development Programs & Emerging Leader Programs
  • MIM Business School, Ukraine – Managers Academy

These programs offer their participants the opportunity to develop and enhance their management and leadership capabilities through the various activities that these programs provide. They focus on Leading Yourself, Leading Teams and Leading the Organisation.

In addition we have internally led development opportunities in other business units including:

  • Medicover Poland – Program
  • Partnership with Carola Davila
  • Partnership with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award
  • Synevo Ukraine Nursing School
  • Intersono University

These highly regarded programs focus on the development of technical and managerial competences.

Joining our organisation may open the door to you for the career aspirations to happen!

Our collaborative environment and employee engagement programmes

We believe that employee volunteering is a great way to let our employees develop new skills that will continue to benefit them throughout their careers. Via engagement programmes they are encouraged to manage groups of volunteers or coordinate entire events—it’s a great way to build leadership skills that will help them grow as individuals, and also perform better in their day-to-day jobs.

Employees engagement programmes:

  • Medicover Foundation employee volunteer programmes – helping communities
  • Local grassroots initiatives focused on the development of personal skills

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Employee health, safety and well-being

As a forward-looking healthcare company, we care about our employees, helping them stay safe, healthy and productive. We recognize the importance of respecting all of our resources. Our key priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and suppliers.

We will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees in compliance with legislative requirements, and industry standards.

All of our employees equally share responsibility for a healthy and safe work place. All employees receive comprehensive training to ensure their health and safety and that of our customers.

We recognise that employees’ resilience can also be affected by a wide variety of factors, from workload to stress in their personal lives. Our efforts to promote employee well-being focus on giving our people the support they need to build their energy levels and cope with stressful situations.

We have a range of dedicated employee health and wellbeing programmes that aim at encouraging our employees to healthy lifestyle.