Broad spectrum of services

Our customers can rely on our comprehensive menu of tests, and be sure, that whatever diagnostics they need, we can provide.

Customers of Diagnostic Services can rely on a comprehensive menu of tests. The tests cover allergy and autoimmune diagnostics, bacteriology, parasitology, biochemistry and immunochemistry, blood group diagnostics/transfusion medicine, tumour markers, clinical chemistry, cytology, haematology, histopathology, human genetics, hygiene, immunology and immunochemistry, infectious diseases, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology/toxicology. Synevo also operates an extensive network of high-quality and standardised blood drawing points and consultation centres dedicated to collect samples of blood, urine or tissue to send them directly to its laboratories.

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS) is a specialised business unit within the Diagnostic Services division with the overarching objective to help bring innovative therapies and diagnostics to the market. MICS is focusing on clinical applications and clients from pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, biopharma, biotech, contract research organisations (CROs), biobanks, and other players within this attractive and exciting sector. We have been providing bespoke services to our clients and their patients for over 20 years, making strategic use of Medicover assets, including laboratories with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, medical clinics and hospitals, as well as the vast expertise and enthusiasm of a workforce that has grown to more than 20,000 professionals.

MICS’ services include and are organised along discrete lines of activity, including: Central Lab Services, Biospecimen Management, Patient Recruitment, Management & Data, and Precision Medicine. Tightly integrated in all Medicover geographies and beyond, MICS employs a dedicated team of highly specialised staff, including clinical and diagnostics specialists, contract research professionals, account managers, project managers, logistics experts, analysts, and more.

What We Do

Our goal is to serve the needs of international life science partners wishing to tap into the expertise, professionalism, enthusiasm, and work ethic in Germany and Central Eastern Europe, by providing the utmost quality at a reasonable cost, leveraging flexible and innovative thinking, disciplined management, and significant economies of scale with an attractive cost base.

Why It Matters

We strive to make a difference in patients’ lives by helping bring innovative therapies and diagnostics to the market as a proud member of Medicover where Caring For Your Health is All We Do.

We believe in conducting all of our activities and services with the greatest attention to detail and with the overarching goal of making a difference in patients’ lives.

Why Us

The MICS business unit benefits from the full complement of all the latest equipment and methodologies employed by Medicover’s Healthcare and Diagnostics divisions and is therefore fully equipped and uniquely capable of taking on any challenge along the full spectrum of clinical development needs of the demanding life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical industry.



MICS Service Lines

Central Lab Services

Our Central Lab Services (CLS) line, formerly Synevo Central Labs, coordinates every aspect of the laboratory part of a clinical trial, starting from sample collection at study sites, to resolution of data queries and final laboratory data submission. The CLS line provides comprehensive support services for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, including: kit preparation, logistics, extended analytical testing through our international network of over 100 Medicover / Synevo laboratories (many of which have been harmonised for clinical research purposes), sample processing and storage, data management, as well as project management and reporting.

Biospecimen Management

Our Biospecimen Management (BM) service line is directly connected to our large international network of laboratories and biorepositories and enables our partners to access a very large volume and variety of bio-specimens from both healthy volunteers and patients with various indications, including infectious disease, oncology indications, immunological conditions etc. The BM service line has extensive sample processing and storage capacity which includes -80C freezers as well as liquid nitrogen storage and is supported by a specialised logistics system that ensures controlled sample shipment to our biorepositories.

Patient Recruitment, Management and Data

Our Patient Recruitment, Management and Data (PRMD) service line includes 3 lines of activity, including recruitment, project management, and data services. Patient Recruitment: MICS engages Medicover clinics (>100 clinics) and clinical laboratories (>95), Medicover network partners (>2,500 clinics), and other clinical partners (>200 hospitals) to recruit patients. Our Diagnostic Services on-line channel currently reaches more than 2.1 million individuals per month, where we can engage patients interested in participating in clinical trials with targeted outreach programmes. Project Management: Our experienced project managers are fully available to the sponsor and investigators throughout the course of the study. Our project managers efficiently identify, onboard, and train investigators within the network, and coordinate all study-related activities, including patient recruitment, shipping of standardised biosample kits to study sites, coordination of specimen transportation, data validation quality control to assure the generation of clean and reliable result data sets. Data Services: Our data services comprise data planning, database design, database set-up, data management, data quality control and ongoing validation, with extensive reports available on request (from recruitment to trends, in all formats, with many data transfer options available). Our data services line is also able to draw on a large archive of clinical and diagnostic data comprising an estimated 6 million patient encounters and an estimated 1 billion diagnostic test results. These de-identified data are a useful resource to life sciences companies for designing and planning clinical trials.

Precision Medicine

Our Precision Medicine (PM) service line integrates individual patient-level data from clinical records, diagnostic and molecular testing, as well as real-time monitoring, to provide an evidence-based foundation to examine the biological basis of disease especially relevant for clinical trials in oncology, immuno-oncology, and chronic as well as auto-immune diseases. We offer one of the most complete service portfolios in genetics, histopathology, and immunology which are applicable to clinical trials, and companion diagnostics development programmes. The opportunity for Medicover to be an instrumental commercialisation / market access partner in our core European markets should not be overlooked by life-science companies.

In 2016, Medicover also entered the German clinical services market. At the end of 2017, Medicover was running 16 ambulatory clinics offering care in endocrinology, gynaecology, diabetology, rheumatology, HIV, methadone substitution and genetics. These are located all across Germany. The German expansion is focused on specialist doctors who are reliant on good quality diagnostics for their patients within chronic diseases, e.g. endocrinological, diabetic, gynaecological, rheumatic and genetic disorders. Currently, the network employs approximately 100 physicians. Through this presence, Medicover is able to offer a range of outpatient medical care (both primary and specialty), whilst improving quality and patients’ experience.