Where we are

Diagnostic Services have a long history in providing best in class diagnostic medicine in emerging markets as well as mature, developed economies.

Current operations are located in Germany, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey and Serbia. In many cases, Diagnostic Services operate under a market-specific brand such as Institut für Medizinische Diagnostik (IMD) in Germany, Synevo in Ukraine and Romania and beo-lab in Serbia.

Other brands in Germany.

  • Medicover Germany (the clinics network)
  • Haemostaseologicum
  • Diagnos
  • Gynäkologikum
  • Medizinisches Labor Rostock

This broad network of facilities translates to greater convenience for patients who want their samples tested quickly. There is always a laboratory relatively close, and the time required for testing can be minimised. For physicians, it means timely access to the diagnostic information, which in consequence improves the care process and ultimately the health of their patients.

Overall, in vitro diagnostics are a small fraction of healthcare budgets, but they are generally understood to support over 80 percent of decisions taken by doctors and healthcare practitioners. That’s why our activity is so important. The sooner we can define what the problem is, the sooner we are able to find the appropriate solution. The sooner we start treatment, the better outcome we have. It is particularly important for certain types of diseases like cancer, where early diagnosis is crucial to treatment’s success.