Who we are

Diagnostic Services offers a broad range of routine and advanced laboratory testing across all clinical pathology areas. For 2018, the division reached revenues of €336.7 million, or 49 per cent of Medicover’s total revenues. In 2018 62 per cent of Diagnostic Services revenue are generated by private payments. Around 30 per cent of revenue is mainly paid from the German public health insurance and the remainder public payment in the remaining markets.


The Diagnostic Services division processed 98 million tests in 2018, and operates a total of 95 clinical laboratories and 570 blood drawing points across ten countries.

The division has a differentiated brand strategy in its main markets.

The branding strategy is relying on existing key strengths and recognition locally and to retain well-established brands following acquisitions to maintain recognition by physicians. Medicover operates under the brand names:

  • Synevo in Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey
  • beo-lab in Serbia.
  • Institut für Medizinische Diagnostik (IMD) in Germany.

Diagnostic Services’ key markets are Germany, Romania, Ukraine and Poland.

Key facts:

Operates 95 clinical laboratories

Operates 570 Blood Drawing Points (BDPs)

98 million tests processed in 2018

The division operates a range of central and regional laboratories, hospital laboratories, specialist laboratories, as well as a large network of blood drawing points. The hub-and-spoke layout enables Medicover to capture a vast coverage and provide a wide range of tests regardless of location.

  • Central and regional laboratories: These centralised labs act as hubs in the country of operation and conduct routine tests, immunology tests, and advanced tests (including histopathology and genetics) And provides advanced diagnostics, as well as support for clinical trials. The regional laboratories are located around the central laboratories and provide a range of routine and immunology tests with shorter processing time, often with same-day delivery.

  • Hospital laboratories: These laboratories provide urgent diagnostic testing and facilitate off-site access to a broad range of tests.

  • Specialised laboratories: Specialist labs provide centralised services in a dedicated field, e.g. special immunology, genetics and histopathology.

  • BDPs: Operate as collection points for blood, urine and tissue samples. The samples are then transported to Medicover’s laboratories where they are analysed.

  • Medicover Clinics: At the end of 2018 Medicover ran a total of 23 clinics in Germany specialising in endocrinology, HIV, genetics and rheumatology. The clinics employ specialist doctors who are reliant on good-quality diagnostics which can be supported by the laboratory network.

The division’s clients are public and private healthcare providers, private customers, local governments, insurance companies, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and other commercial laboratories. Our focus is to build top quality services, a broad-based offer of medical services, diagnostic tools, and accessible communication channels to meet the need of our clients.