Quality and satisfaction

Quality of service is crucial to Medicover remaining successful and competitive.

We measure various parameters that help to indicate the quality of our delivery and what can be improved. Every doctor’s performance is assessed not only by their clinical outcomes but also by customer satisfaction, their attitude and effectiveness of their decisions. We measure every aspect of our operation, and constantly analyse the data to find ways to ensure service and clinical effectiveness improvement.

The results are reflected in the growing number of customers using us. At present, the number members with medical packages amounts to 1,024,000.



The satisfaction percentage of patients visiting our medical facilities scores well into the high nineties. Satisfaction of patients visiting our hospital in Wilanów reaches even 97 percent.

The customer satisfaction studies carried out by IPSOS, show that in Poland, patients’ intention to recommend Medicover is high. Net Promoter Score for Medicover is over 20 percent higher than our main competitors.

To achieve that level of satisfaction we need to be innovative. Research shows that many in-person medical visits, especially those about minor ailments, are not necessary. That is why a large number of our solutions are on-line. Thanks to our e-platform, customers can make or cancel a medical appointment, browse their test results, order a prescription, and communicate with the doctor by chat, phone or video conference. Customers want choice and convenience in the way they access care, and to use technology to do so when appropriate, as it saves time and leads to faster healthcare solutions.