Who we are

Medicover’s Healthcare Services division is a broad based provider of health services, offering high-quality healthcare, through insurance plans or by payment as used/fee-for-service (FFS). The division offers professional and highly advanced medical services & solutions, both outpatient and inpatient healthcare.

In 2017, revenue for Healthcare Services reached €285.8 million, amounting to 48 per cent of Medicover’s total revenue. Over the years we have developed many solutions designed to ensure our customers get access to the best possible care and services. We have extended what we do to cover the whole spectra of primary to specialist healthcare services, including fertility treatment centres, dental clinics, elderly care centres, eye care, skin and wellness centres as well as fitness solutions and pharmacies.

The market for healthcare services can be subdivided into hospital care and ambulatory care. Hospital care requires the patient to be admitted to a hospital for at least one night, whilst ambulatory care allows the patient to return home the same day.

Ambulatory care can be further subdivided into primary care and specialist care. Primary care is an interaction with a doctor or other medical professional who is a first point of contact for patients. These are typically family doctors, internal medicine doctors or (for children) paediatricians. Specialist care is provided by medical professionals who focus on a particular area of medicine.

More than 60 per cent of Healthcare Services revenues are generated by an integrated healthcare model, which is predominantly an employer funded employee benefit healthcare package. Medicover receives a contractual fixed fee and in return offers the employee or individual entitlement to a defined range of healthcare services. The care is delivered predominantly through Medicover’s own network of clinics and medical facilities with a small reliance on third party health providers. Medicover is able to combine efficiently and seamlessly the financing of the services with managing access and demand to its services and providing high quality care, which drives high customer retention and loyalty. More than 30 percent of the division’s revenue were generated through the strong and expanding fee-for-service (“FFS”) services where customers pay direct out of pocket for healthcare services as used, and the remaining five percent from public funded sources.

Currently, Healthcare Services encompasses four hospitals, 96 healthcare centres and 18 fertility clinics spanning Poland, Romania, India, Ukraine, and a partner network of more than 2,000 local healthcare service providers.

Key facts:

7 countries

4 hospitals and > 100 medical centres

> 5.7 million medical visits per year

> 1 million member