Access to care

Our commitment

Medicover continues to expand in order to reach even more customers and patients in both existing and new markets. We improve access to care by digitalisation and by capacity building.

Our approach

By providing quality care and services, Medicover improves health, ensures customer satisfaction and drives growth in our main markets in Central and Eastern Europe and Germany. Medicover also reaches new markets and clients by selective acquisitions and by adding new segments of speciality care to our offer.

Innovation is key to meeting clients’ needs and expectations. Medicover constantly searches for new ways of meeting, diagnosing and treating clients and patients. An increasing portion of patients’ interaction with Medicover now takes place online. Research shows that many in-person visits, especially concerning minor ailments, are simply unnecessary. Patients can manage many issues by using Medicover’s online platform and can also communicate with their physician via messaging and video or voice calls.

Medicover’s Diagnostic Services division uses modern technology to make vast improvements in services, access and efficiency. Advanced automated solutions facilitate the entire process, from sample collection to providing valuable insights to doctors and patients. So-called next-generation DNA sequencing allows us to read and decode DNA quicker and cheaper than ever before. With improved efficiency, Medicover is able to advise and treat more patients even more effectively.


Healthcare is being reinvented and many improvements are enabled by digitalisation. In 2018 Medicover’s Diagnostic Services division further developed its e-commerce initiative.

The purpose is to increase access to Medicover’s labs, for instance by providing patient information and making it possible to purchase tests online. Through efficient online ordering and processing we can free up valuable time to our customer’s benefit. This is done in collaboration with Medicover’s Healthcare Services division. The initiative is still in its early stages, but over time we aim to generate easier access and a significant proportion of revenue from online access.

During 2018 Diagnostic Services also established 69 new blood-drawing points to further improve access.

Healthcare Services increased access to its services by, among other things, developing its digital resources. Around 200,000 people now use Medicover’s app. Using the app, customers can book appointments, access test results, interact with their physician and get prescriptions. The app has several new features – for example, by sharing location, patients can register appointment simply by walking into the clinic.

Healthcare Services also improved several processes, for instance its treatment practices for back-pain. Bringing services together in specialist units produced better medical outcomes and increased customer satisfaction while lowering costs.