Corporate & social responsibility

Medicover has, since its inception, been committed to making a positive contribution to the health of individuals, communities and society as a whole, constantly improving clinical quality, operating efficiency and financial effectiveness.

The people of Medicover have the privilege and responsibility to support the customers in staying healthy and help guide them in finding the high-quality care they need for themselves and their families. In addition, through the Medicover Foundation, our employees volunteer their time and skills, giving back to the societies and the communities within which Medicover operates.

The Medicover Foundation was established in 1997 to fulfil a social mission – to improve health by teaching adults and children alike how preventive healthcare and healthy living has a tangible and long-lasting impact on overall physical and mental wellbeing. To this end, the Medicover Foundation is involved in a large range of activities, including voluntary work, education and lifestyle.

I In addition to the Foundation, Medicover manages sustainability by improving processes and operational efficiency to lower costs, pursue growth, and add value to the company. Medicover seeks to integrate sustainability principles into the business to support the company’s overarching business objectives and make a positive contribution to the company’s short- and long-term value.

Medicover’s key focus areas within sustainability are: