Our employees are our most valuable asset.

Medicover is here to improve and sustain the health and wellbeing of our customers and patients. We prize innovation that impacts quality, accessibility and affordability. Together, we shape the future of healthcare.

Our approach

Medicover’s business is to care. Our business begins with caring for our people. We support and develop our staff so they can provide the best care to customers and patients, and so they can have fulfilling careers.

The continued success of Medicover depends on our ability to develop the right culture to lead and engage our staff. With the right conditions and tools we can excel, grow and achieve more together. This is why Medicover is strongly committed to attracting, retaining and developing the best people.

Everything we do, including how we approach human resources management, stems from our values:

  • Passion for quality: We continuously seek excellence in all we do.
  • Teamwork: We pool our talents, value diversity and share credit for our successes.
  • Empowerment: We give our people the space and the support they need to make the right decisions for all our stakeholders.
  • Integrity: We are direct and honest, and always fulfil our commitments.
  • Entrepreneurship: We recognise and reward those people who invest time and money wisely to obtain the maximum benefit.

We are Medicover

Close to 15,900 people in more than 10 countries make up Medicover. Together, we work to make healthcare better, more accessible and more affordable for more people. Around two thirds of our staff are medical professionals: doctors, nurses, specialist medical technicians and laboratory specialists. More than 75 per cent of staff are women.

Employee engagement

Medicovers employees are dedicated and the dedication goes beyond their jobs. In 2017, more than 800 volunteered to assist in 48 projects that benefited more than 4,000 people.

Sports projects

A phrase Caring for your health is all what we do promoted by Medicover is not just a meaningless plaque on the wall.

It has become ingrained in our day-to-day activities related to the business but not only. Our colleagues are great healthy lifestyle ambassadors at work and after work as well. Typically, their activities support good causes. Find out more about some of our sports initiatives:

Medicover Runners

For a number of years, Medicover employees have had a strong passion for running. Be it Germany, Georgia, Poland, Romania, Serbia or Ukraine, our colleagues from different Business Units and representing all levels of the organization gather together, exercise and take part in numerous sporting initiatives.

Medicover Runners at BMW Half Marathon in Warsaw

Watch this video to see how much fun gives us running as one team:

Bike Ride

‘Together Against Diabetes Type 2’ is a slogan of the annual Bike Ride organized by the Medicover Foundation and Damian Medical Centre. The aim of the program is to increase awareness amongst the general public of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity in combating one of the epidemics of the 21st century – Diabetes Type 2.
In the framework of the Ride, Medicover Volunteers cover around 1,000 kilometers in one week, passing through Poland’s so called Blue Towns, offering local communities the opportunity to determine their overall health condition by measuring blood pressure, checking blood cholesterol and glucose levels, and consulting with medical experts. All thanks to the experts from both Medicover Healthcare Services and Medicover Diagnostic Services divisions.

«‘The most difficult thing is to start’ - 4 years ago I started my adventure with the ‘Together Against Diabetes Type 2’’ Bike Ride. The Ride involved fighting one’s own weaknesses during training and the change of lifestyle – adding more exercise. But what is the most satisfying are common training sessions and days spent with great people who support each other during the actual tour. It is also about building awareness among people visiting the Blue Towns, and the entire promotional campaign associates with it, raising awareness in local communities we travel through about diabetes as a lifestyle-based disease.»
Krystian Kasprzak, Insurance Systems Development and Customer Service Manager, Medicover.
Lisa and Per-Olof Berggren, Professor of  Experimental Endocrinology and Member of the PoZdro! Scientific Council.
«There has been nothing that could have stopped us. It was very interesting to hear about it but now having done it, it was impressive! Fantastic! We really enjoyed it a lot.»
Lisa and Per-Olof Berggren, Professor of Experimental Endocrinology and Member of the PoZdro! Scientific Council.

4th edition of the Bike Ride:

As a result of the four editions of the Bike Rides, we examined over 4,000 people. Disease was detected in five per cent of the examined population.

Triathlon Under the Microscope

The focus of the six-month project initiated by Małgorzata Łukasik, at that time Junior Diagnostic Laboratory Assistant at Synevo Poland, was health monitoring of 45 active triathletes-amateurs throughout their routine workout. 32 laboratory parameters were examined during 6 test series. As a result, the participants received test results with description, allowing precise control of the training, and tailored to the needs and abilities of the athlete. Moreover, collected test results were used for scientific purposes.

This initiative contributed to emphasizing the role of the laboratory in sport, and also pointed to research as a tool for reliable training control.
During the project, there was an accidentally discovered case of vast rhabdomyolysis. Immediate diagnosis and hospitalization made it possible to avoid life-threatening complications.
In addition, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria was detected in another triathlete. Thanks to the diagnosis, the triathlete could undertake immediate treatment.
The project proved the importance of the diagnosis of sportspeople and moreover – contributed to saving people’s life.
Małgosia’s initiative ‘Triathlon Under the Microscope’ was possible thanks to the immense engagement of dr n. med. Andrzej Marszałek, Medical Director at Synevo Poland and the commitment of many friendly and energetic people.

«A great project which helped me to relax my mind and control my inner machinery. Thank you for letting me be a part of the project, it was a sheer pleasure.»
Project participant
«Great idea and organisation. The test results were surprising, giving food for thought. Thanks to them, I put more care of myself (especially when it comes to regeneration). Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take part in this project.»
Project participant

Employee Volunteering

‘No one can do everything, but everyone can do something’

Our growth and progress comes down to People. It takes a particular mindset to believe, plan and improve the world around us. Every day, we witness our colleagues’ great generosity by giving their time, talents, efforts, donations, professional knowledge, skills, creativity and compassion
Every year, Medicover employees participate in over 40 projects aimed at improving lives of less fortunate people. The number of volunteers exceeds 400 and the number of beneficiaries amounts to 3,000.

«I am volunteering out of an inner conviction because I want to make an impact for the benefit of the community I live in. I like the atmosphere at an employee volunteering event – being out of the office and doing manual work, chatting with colleagues and getting in touch with people outside your usual circles, learning about their lives.»
Thomas Herfort, Environmental and Project Manager IMD Labor Oderland