Our commitment

Medicover is committed to decreasing the company’s environmental impact over time. We see environmental care as part of caring for human health and wellbeing.

Medicover’s main environmental impacts originate from energy use in our hospitals, clinics and other premises, from the use of various equipment and materials, from external and internal transport, and from waste.

Our approach

Based on our principle of decentralised responsibility and accountability, environmental management takes place locally in each division and country. The environmental management systems used by several Medicover units are certified, by for instance EMAS. EMAS helps organisations to evaluate, report and improve their environmental performance. Legal compliance as well as continual improvement of performance is required.

Currently, our main focus is to ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations and to manage environmental risks. Our operations also achieve environmental gains by focusing on efficiency and cost. Overall, we seek to find a healthy balance between environmental, social and economic concerns.

Activities in 2017 and beyond

Initiatives in many parts of Medicover encourage reducing environmental impact. During 2017 environmental policies have been developed and implemented and measures have been taken to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. For instance, some facilities began to purchase energy from renewable sources and converted to LED lighting. Our laboratories in Germany began using electric cars for transporting tests. Several units have also involved their staff by encouraging them to save energy at work and at home, and to go to and from work by bicycle instead of by car.