Medicover Whistleblower Policy

Medicover is committed to operate with high ethical standards and to responsible commercial success, and Medicover Code of Conduct is the main framework for how we do business and ensures we translate our values into action.

Medicover encourages employees to report any concern they may have in respect of wrongdoings in Medicover’s activities. In general, such reports should be made through the regular internally available reporting channels.

With respect to serious wrongdoings committed by a person holding a leading position or a key position, Medicover has established a whistleblower function which allows anonymous reports (as well as non-anonymous reports). This way Medicover can manage risks and ensure that each Medicover company in a fast and firm way can act wherever there is a suspected serious wrongdoing by any person holding such position.

Serious wrongdoing includes any illegal or unlawful behaviour, as well as serious irregularities, related to the business activities of Medicover and concerning the vital interests of Medicover, or the life or health of individual(s). This may, for example, include:

  • an unlawful act, whether civil or criminal;
  • medical malpractice or risking a patient’s safety;
  • breach of Medicover Code of Conduct or Medicover Anti-Bribery Policy;
  • knowingly breaching local laws or regulations;
  • questionable accounting, fraud or auditing practices;
  • conflict of interest;
  • unfair discrimination;
  • dangers to health, safety or the environment.

Medicover Whistleblower Policy can be accessed by clicking on the following links.