Quality of care and services

Our commitment

Our commitment to quality involves delivering the highest standards of healthcare and continually improving our services. All our efforts are guided by Medicover’s core values, among which passion for quality is at the forefront.

Our approach

Medicover’s focus is to take care of patients’ health at the right time and place. All advice, care and treatment must be provided in a safe, appropriate and efficient way, and produce the right outcomes.

Furthermore, quality of care and services are crucial for Medicover to remain successful. Maintaining premium quality and effectiveness strengthens our market position and enables us to attract the best medical practitioners.

We measure a wide range of parameters to indicate the quality of our delivery. Some indicators are standardised across the industry and some are self-developed to suit our aims and needs.

At present, quality is managed at the division or country level. We are working to establish a unified approach for the entire Group. Medicover’s Healthcare Services division applies a quality policy to guide its quality targets. The quality management system used by our Diagnostic Services division is certified according to ISO standards 9001, 15189 and 17125.

Each physician is assessed by clinical outcomes as well as by their attitude, effectiveness of decisions and customer satisfaction. The purpose of our meticulous follow-up and analysis is to further improve services, clinical effectiveness and patients’ experience and satisfaction.

In general, the satisfaction of patients visiting Medicover medical facilities is at well above 90 per cent. Our patients are also willing to recommend Medicover – Net Promoter Score for Medicover is more than 20 per cent higher than for our main competitors.


Our challenge, and our opportunity to further our operations and services, is to define and apply the right key performance indicators. We want to capture not only processes and activities but also outcomes and effects. One of our aims for the longer term is to be able, through use of appropriate surveys, to collect and communicate patient-reported outcomes. We have begun developing a joint approach to quality and a set of high-level indicators to be used by the entire Group. Where questions arise, specific audits can be conducted to help drive continuous improvement.

In line with our ambition to develop a Group-wide approach to quality of care and services, and to promote health, we established a Medical Advisory Council. The Council is chaired by Medicover’s Chief Medical Officer and reports to the board of directors.