Sustainable governance

Medicover’s Business Code of Conduct, which was implemented in 2006 and last amended at the beginning of 2017, is fundamental to our philosophy of corporate governance and sets out the ethical standards we expect of everyone who works at Medicover, and, along with our global policies, how these are to be translated into consistent actions worldwide.

The Code of Conduct serves as the foundation for the Group’s sustainability efforts, guiding the way we do business and support each other to make the right decisions. The Group has recently issued an anti-corruption policy to complement the Business Code of Conduct.

Our business is about people and trust. Being entrusted with our customers’ health is a responsibility we take very seriously. The Medicover Code of Ethics for our fertility centres developed to ensure that all our patients are treated according to the highest ethical standards can serve as an example. The Code represents its professional and ethical standards when conducting Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatments. Frequent technological and scientific advances in the field of fertility medicine constantly raise new moral/ethical dilemmas. The Code of Ethics will be a dynamic document requiring continuous development as new issues arise.